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Series: Berklee Guide Publisher: Berklee Press Format: Softcover with disk alternative, dance, electronic, jazz, blues, or country, drums play a prominent roll in.
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I personally use them for inspiration. Sometimes I slightly edit them to perfection. I believe the included software is very usefull. I use it all the time. The only problem I see is that there are waaaaay too many variations of everything. I understand the why; but I believe it would be better without that many option. Of course, the way I deal with it is simply chequing one or two options per folder.

I''m constantly arranging music for worship service at church, and it really helps to have a good midi drum library available. The Prosonic sets have provided exactly the tool I needed to quickly assemble arrangements when the inspiration strikes. I also like having a wide variety of styles and patterns, because these suggest ideas I wouldn''t have thought of.

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In addition, we are always brining up new drummers, so if I can provide them with a drummers guide track, they can catch the feel of the song. Many thanks for providing this tool! Very Complete and Easy to use Very realistic, I used them straight to track. I can catch ideas and push out demo''s super fast. I know drum sounds and these are great. Other sites have bad tracks or you must manipulate them in order to use them. Which makes you start down the rabbit hole of frustration and ultimately a bad track no matter how much time you waste trying to patch it up. I''m an amateur producer and I had been struggling with my music production for a while and then bought the Techno and House drum beats.

They were really easy to use with my DAW and have really taken my productions to the next level. They really inspired me and the possibilities to adapt the midi patterns are endless.

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Although I haven''t had anything released as yet it did give me confidence to start sending my tracks to record labels and I''ve had some good feedback. Prosodic Studios have helped me sound more professional. Thank You!! When I first saw the pack of House patterns I thought "Nah, I can do that myself" but then I thought maybe give it a try.

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I bought it and just opened it up and put some random patterns in Logic. I was really impressed of the realism one can get with even simple kits. I even started learning new techniques for midi programming and this helps me every day. There was a book I bought a few years ago the patterns for midi. It is a great book. But with that pack I got many more patterns and I can instantly try them out instead of having to program them in myself. That is great!

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Thanks, Tony! You should definitely invest in Prosonic Libraries!

Tony Pappas is the best! I love Prosonic Libraries! I''ve been using them for years. Since the formation of my most recent musical venture "Olm Ost" I have also had a great time exploring Prosonic libraries and incorporating them into my own larger musical compositions!!! I''m a big fan of the midi drum kits on this site.

If I have a lack of inspiration I can always just drop some midi files down and play around. If I am feeling inspired, I can take these midi files and transform them entirely. If you are familiar with your DAW, then you should understand the vast possibilities that begin with midi files. The drum beats give a good fundamental structure to which you can slice and dice and edit to come up with beats like you never heard before, really cool!

As a electronic musician sometimes you need a boost of inspiration to get tracks going and he had the right sounds I was looking for. Tony creates some great midi pattens and I am thankful I found them! The price and amount of files is well worth it! I use Prosonic loops in my home studio, and have been very impressed with their quality.

Whipping Post - Allman Brothers (11/8)

I have used the loops in original compositions and have also had a great time practicing with them. I use them with Logic Pro. They have helped building strong foundations for my tracks.

Spoonman - Soundgarden (7/4)

I particularly liked the reggae loops. I have told all of my friends and students about Prosonic loops and will definitely be coming back for more. I intend to add lots of Prosonic grooves to my collection. Thank you for your excellent work. These libraries do represent the specified genres very well. They are my go to grooves, when i am working in these styles of music. I use these midi drum libraries because they are well organized, and they save me time when i am trying to find a specific groove.

The performances on the grooves are very tight, and tasty, to fit each particular style. I would highly recommend these libraries as they are loaded with very usable midi files that are specific to the idiom and represent good value for money. The midi loops that Prosonic Studios have provided me have just been simply wonderful. They''re in time, simple to use, work with every plug-in I have and best of all. They work with any Beats Per Minute setting I give them.

Every genera is covered. They have made putting music together incredibly easy and in turn saves a ton time and you end up getting a lot more done because of it. It''s an amazing deal. What you get for the price makes the value, priceless. You can''t beat it.

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  6. Buy em! Do it! A bit of innovation with the files did the rest for that part of my song. It was simple. Especially when time on a project is limited, Prosonic libraries can help limit the need to reinvent the wheel and allow you to spend more time on the creative side of your song for generating diverse sounds and fitting it all together with various techniques for something new. As a resource, these libraries are affordable — easy to use — effective.

    You can check out for yourself what I did with mine — both songs on Soundcloud are available for free listening. Prosonic Studios helped make song creation and production inspired work for me. No matter how your imagination puts them to use, their libraries can do the same for you. I think of music as a combination of science and art. With this product, Tony exposes some of the science of music that allows us to make beautiful art. I use the midi patterns to learn tried and tested patterns and as inspiration to go outside the box.

    You can only go outside the box when you know exactly what''s inside. This product is also wide in range, allowing you to study a variety of styles. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in dissecting music in order to understand it. After a inspiration block for a few months, I wanted some good midi for my home studio to help me create new songs. Let''s face it folks , creating songs to a stale click track is not a very insperational way to make new music These patterns help me create timeless songs I''m extreamly proud of!!

    Very well originized upon delivery Not robotic or fake sounding These patterns have the " human " touch Thank you thank you thank you now with these patterns the songs are rolling out of my studio!!