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be up the creek (without a paddle) meaning, definition, what is be up the creek (​without a paddle): to be in a very difficult situation: Learn more.
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Keep paddling, and have fun doing it. We should enjoy even the struggle part, as it makes us better.

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December 3. Search for:. In the grand Australian tradition of unimaginative naming conventions see Shark Bay or The Great Sandy Desert , Shit Creek is a little bit too eponymous to be anything other than a nightmare location.

up the creek without a paddle

Without a paddle is almost self evident. You have nothing with which to struggle hopelessly but bravely against the current.

Being up Shit Creek, and the only way to attempt a change of direction being with some part of your body, you're not going to escape unscathed should you attempt to modify the speed and direction of your flight to hell. And if you've ever tried to actually use a paddle , you'll know it isn't the easiest implement of propulsion ever engineered.

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You don't have, in effect, even a bad plan for deliverance. In a barbed wire canoe describes not only the utter foolishness of your situation, but exactly how ill-prepared you were, and how uncomfortable you are at the present time.

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  • Sitting on a nest of sharpened twisted wire is not too many people's idea of fun. So there you have it. The only thing that remains it to put this phrase into a few sentences. Here are a couple: "Mate, me missus has caught me red-handed with my bit on the side! I'm up Shit Creek in a barbed wire canoe, without a bloody paddle!

    The Australian focus here is easily explained: researching this phrase has provided some evidence that it was coined in World War II by Australian Diggers. It has certainly been in common use in Austalia since the s , and was one of the many colloquialisms uttered by Australia's unofficial ambassador during the s, Barry Mackenzie. Whatever its origins, the phrase and variations are now in common use throughout the English speaking world.