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Im not sure if he qualifys as dominant but i would think he does considering he doesnt want to experience these things done to him but enjoys doing them. We are both new to this, but i feel we naturally desire to be in these roles.

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I completely trust him. I guess im just not sure if we actually qualify as submissive and dominant? Of course you are, you do. In sex, you enjoy submitting to his dominance. My wife wants me to take controll but im scared to i dont want it get out of controll never had the chance to dom but always liked to be in controll help please. You just need to be have a very honest and detailed discussion with her about limits and expectations.

Just be sure to ramp up. You start slow and gradually increase intensity, so she has a chance to head you off before going too far. Plan for the worst, be prepared, be safe.

I have been with my husband for 2 years on Christmas. I have been interested since I first read about it. Especially with the whole 50 shades of grey. I am the type of women who loves to simply be dominated in such a way that I have absolutely no control. I need to be controlled.

He wants me to be my own person. Is there any other way you could help me try with him?

The best advice I have is to have a lot of good, honest, conversations. For you, you want to let him know when he does things you like, encourage him to take more of the control you want him to have. If he feels as though he is being disrespectful, it will cause him to pull back. Reinforce good behavior, and encourage him to grow with you. Helpful suggestions , I loved the info — Does someone know if my company could grab a sample seekers BSDM Checklist document to type on?

I was chatting with my Dom for sometime when I realised he was married something he did mention but I completely forgot as he barely spoke about it. He said he wants to give me the confidence to be the best sub I can be and after he will find someone who will treat me with respect and love I deserve….

How To Control And Dominate Women

This could go either way. The only way you will find out is by having conversations with him. But I have no way of knowing what his situation is, and the communication he has with everyone involved. I just suggest you avoid falling in love, as it sounds like doing so will work out poorly for you, as you will never have the primary relationship you would want. Okay, in my everyday life I have a dominant personality, but when it comes to closed doors all I want is to be dominated. Is there any way I can show him in a way he will understand, or any books that may help?

Even the strongest men have fear, anxiety, and often weak ego. How you can solve this is going to be up to you, I assume you would know best. Yeah, there are lots of these. I share a long excel one with clients who take coaching sessions. The only thing lacking in this is our sex life is slightly vanilla, one could say. The discussion on what might spice it up led to this subject, and we have been considering going to this lifestyle, but there are a few possible caveats to this. Second, she has had a relationship before where she was a sub but was taken advantage of in the experience, and was nearly broken but the entire thing.

If you have read my articles, and are true as you say, you will do everything out of respect and the quest of giving her the most joy and pleasure possible.

Alpha Female & Submissive Vixen: Two Sides of One Coin…

As for what to do, I would have a good long talk with her. Not about what you should do, and how you should do it, but what she wants to get from this kind of play. What are her fantasies, what makes her want to drip and beg? Get her to write about your last session together and all her thoughts and feelings on it. Get her to write out a scene that would be an ideal fantasy of you two together.

Exactly right. Every word, every action, must ensure in her mind that you are doing everything out of the willingness to meet her needs, out of love.

What Makes a Dom?

The more she knows that, the more her limits will be fluid, and the more she can enjoy this being the only acceptable result of any scene — that both you and she enjoy it. If you do anything primarily because you like it, then you are wrong Of course, you should like it too, or you have the wrong sub. For instance, if a sub has a real need to be scarred, but you hate the thought of leaving permanent marks, you need to look very hard at the both of you, and your relationship. Talk, talk, talk, agree, agree, agree, then act. If you think that this agreement takes away your authority, then you have forgotten where you get it from in the first place.

What happens if your a women who wants to be both, and flip the rules. I just realized that I like both , so how do I go on being a sub and a dom? No one can answer if your partner is right for you. Is it likely a man, in his first ever sexual relationship, will be a strong Dom? Definitely not sex is hard for men, it takes work to be good at it. Can someone help me out with this. I have a dom who says he has no rules.

Dominance, Leadership, and Hierarchy

He never really commands anything which is a turn off for me. I hate making decisions.

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Any suggestions? My girlfriend is a complete sub, and I am the only Dom she has ever been with, same goes for me. I feel like I can do better for her. Since I am just a first year student I only bought ropes and a beautiful gag ball I really like this but I am afraid that I am doing the same thing every time.

Recipe for Fun: One Dominant Male and Two Submissive Males Volume 2 - eBook -

Do anyone has suggestions? I feel really sad btw seeing random dudes playing the Dom without dominating their sub. I really wish women could find real and good Dom. A true dom will not degrade his sub, nor will he do it because he respects them. And we wonder what is wrong with our community these days. Degradation is one of the fundamental kinks. Have you never had a sub enjoy talking dirty before? Many articles assume it IS necessary, some say it is not. My question is WHY do subs accept allowing themselves to be punished if by definition it is seriously unpleasant?

Or to force themselves to improve themselves in some way sub-wise or in general in life? I mean, do people accept punishment even if serious for fun but just safeword it out too painful, or is safeword considered whimping out during a real punishment unless a true emergency?

This area of actual punishment and acceptance of it makes me nervous to approach BDSM and I would really like to understand more about why Doms demand the right and subs accept it to get a real flavor of whether I feel comfortable with the broad aspects of this lifestyle and where I might fit in..